Would you like a pair of AIRFRAMES tailor-made for you?

You could, 'start the ball rolling', like this...


1.     Give me (Rosco) a call or even an E-mail and I will get back to you. I have worked one on one with clients for over 20 years. I am friendly, helpful and easy going. It would be great to have a chat!

2.     We can talk about prices of frames and prices of optical lenses.

3.     We can talk about what you are looking for. Some of those things might be...Spectacles, optical sunglasses, sunglasses. Designs... current collection, modifying current collection or even designing your own!

4.     We can talk about colours you would like, or colours that currently suit you. Airframes can be hand dyed all sorts of colours. Red, orange, yellow, gold, natural, green, blue, purple and black. Airframes can have all sorts of coloured wood veneers...even Carbon Fibre. Some of the veneers can even be hand dyed the colours mentioned previously.

5.     Last thing for now, we can talk about how you can try them on before 'hitting the GO button'