Each pair unique for the unique individual. As uniquely beautiful as every face. Bespoke by nature.

AirFrames are handcrafted wooden frames for spectacles and sunglasses. Each frame is customized to your features, made by me  from start to finish, for you. Fashioned from highest quality aircraft grade Birch ply’s that are hand laminated together which produces a frame that is lighter and stronger than most frames, but are much more flexible and stronger than traditional wooden frames. The frames are also veneered with many types of exotic timbers that can be hand dyed to create a unique, exciting look.

Some Airframes are made with a unique process named “Billet Cut”. The Billet Cut preparation of the wood creates a unique look, pioneered by AirFrames. Billet Cut frames have a wonderful deep grain banded look that literally glows in the sun and can only be appreciated in real life. Otherwise "Molded Cut" uses fine grain wood and thin layers of ply allow the frames to have thin, elegant rims and design, with beautiful detail, which adds an artistic statement to your appearance. The frames have a luscious wet look with the highest grade of UV filtering, chemical proof lacquer.  AirFrames also come standard with highest quality Lenses.

Airframes are some of the most beautiful frames you will find in the world, with Rosco bringing his inspired creativity to the table. His Inspired creativity has given AirFrames world firsts, like Billet Cut frames and Silhouetted temple arms.

Appearance is your ticket to ride...Make sure you get the best seat!

Roscos' call in life has always been to craft beautiful works for others to enjoy.


Origin and Names

The founder of AirFrames, Ross Batten (Rosco), realized the strength and beauty of aircraft grade Birch ply while hand making 300km/h, high performance aircraft wings in his youth. Later Ross took advantage of the ply’s strength, stability and capability for fine design and detail when designing and building his own range of weight driven, pendulum regulated clocks. The true beauty of the grain and unique look of his AirFrames Billet Cut style, was fully realized when he was asked to design and craft an adapter for a colleagues prosthetic leg for use in bicycle racing.

The model names given each AirFrame design are inspired by the names of the aircraft and romance of flight of yesteryear. Most of the names are indeed from aircraft made entirely or partly from wood. Even today many aircraft are still made entirely of wood, one beautiful example being the Pereira GP-5 racer, “Sweet Dreams”. The most famous of all wooden planes is possibly the Mosquito also known as “The Wooden Wonder”, a twin engine aircraft made by DeHavilland during the 2nd World War. There are stories of the Mosquito being able to fly up beside German V1 bombs because they were so fast and manoeuvrable. The pilot would then use the Mosquitos’ wing tips to tip the unmanned gyro-steered rocket propelled bombs off of their course for England.

GP-5 racer Sweet Dreams.

GP-5 racer Sweet Dreams.


For the Unique Individual

AirFrames are fashioned in many designs and can be sized to your own features. With the option to alter the frames colour, veneer and even customize the current shapes or ultimately design your own frames!  The scope for your unique individuality is limitless.


Unique Personalisation

All AirFrames are engraved with a unique frame number which corresponds to the data we have from your order. This carries an individual’s characteristics, frame composition, shape, finish and colour. You can have any detail you like added to your frames’ temples (arm). Your name, phone number, a personal message... whatever you like. Like all numbered pieces of art, the AirFrame unique frame number is the key to the frames authenticity, personality, individuality and ultimately uniqueness, from me to you.

Custom sunglasses


Trying them on

All of the AirFrames designs are available as PDF files for you to download and try. Simply print them out on paper, colour them in to what you would like and try them on...easy You will be able to see if they fit and if they add that something special to your appearance!



Airframes have a unique beauty, which only comes from crafting their frames from a solid wooden billet of Birch laminates imported from Finland. I also source many veneers with unique grain colours and structures that can be further dyed to add another level of sophistication and uniqueness to each pair.


Wood and Carbon

Wood and Carbon

Strength  and Stability

The combination of wood fibres  in opposing directions which are laminated together with super strong glues is what makes them so strong. Preservation of the natural beauty and dyes is endured by the highest quality, UV filtering, chemical and water resistant luscious lacquer that is like silk to the touch.


Fit and Comfort

AirFrames sport “spring hinges” to help with a secure and snug fit to your head . Hinges can be bent up and down to adjust the temple height to suit your features. The spring hinges can be bent in and out as well for wider heads. Airframes can also have different types of nose pads for a precision and comfortable fit to your facial features...a feature that is hard to come by!


Nose Pads

Airframes come with adjustable nose pads to help your frames fit correctly to your features. A design feature that is hard to come by in the wooden frames world. This feature allows you to wear some styles that would not normally suit your facial features like the square bridge on Box Kite.

Fitting Lenses

Airframes use a V-Groove technology, like most standard frames. Lenses for sunglasses or prescription/sun-protection prescription, can be fitted by any optometrist. The lenses are cut to size and pressed into the groove by your optometrist easily, as they would with any frame with a V-Groove. The frames are designed for the lenses are fitted into them through their rear to ensure that scratches don’t appear on their front.